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New Residential Construction Security

new-constructionOne of our specialties is working with the homeowner and the custom home builder during the construction of your new home.  We can put together your security, fire, intercom and audio systems. We take into consideration your individual needs and lifestyle incorporating the latest available technology to provide you with a package that is custom designed to meet your needs and expectations.

During construction we can pre-wire your home so that each device is exactly where it needs to be  for best performance without affecting your decorating. The ability to “hard wire” a home during construction has many advantages over “wireless” systems, not the least of which is that there are no wireless transmitter batteries to change. I use wireless devices for many installations and think that wireless security devices are great, just not in a home under construction when the walls are open. You don’t really want a wireless transmitter stuck to your new door, do you? Below is a partial list of the products we use: